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Adventure Emu

Fasten your seatbelts for a tornado, fair and adventure!
Adventure Emu by R.C.Chizhov

"Upbeat art style...sunny tale with a convincing message to keep trying." - Kirkus Reviews

"Read aloud enlightenment with important lessons on positivity." - Midwest Book Review

"We see examples of self-confidence and endurance...bright and colorful illustrations." - Readers Favorite

Hardcover Edition

Adventure Emu by R.C.Chizhov | HardCover Coming Soon

Paperback Edition
8.5 x 0.08 x 11 inches

Adventure Emu by R.C.Chizhov

     In old and charming Emu emu whines about his mundane life - his bed, his hut, his food and even the sky! All he wants is a grand adventure. One day, his wish comes true when a tornado whisks him away to a fair! Life is as thrilling as it gets, but can the flightless emu find his way back home?

     With colorful illustrations and a message of gratitude, Adventure Emu is sure to entertain and delight young readers. It is the second in the picture book series, Emu Town Stories.

Collection of Emu Town Stories

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     There is no place like home for Emu! - Christina S., USA

     I loved the plot, illustrations and lesson of Adventure Emu! This is a great bed time story for kids. I loved that Emu went on his adventure but, longed to return home. The old timeless lesson that there is no place like home. I highly recommend this book for kids and parents alike.

     Charming and fun story w/ a great messsge - L.S., USA

     This is a fun to read book with bright and colorful illustrations. It has a very relatable message and love how it reinforces the importance of being grateful for what you have.

     A series to add to your children's collection - Sue The Shopper, USA

     R.C. Chizhov knocked it out of the park again. The first book in the series, Nope-Nope Emu, was such a delight, I just had to check out her second book. It did not disappoint. It has the same fun, colorful, and charming illustrations – in fact, I think these illustrations are even more grand with the tornado transporting the emu to the fair with the Ferris wheel and roller coaster. Like the first book, the author weaves an interesting tale while imparting a useful lesson. This message was about gratitude and reminds us that there is no place like home. Highly recommend that you pick up both books in this series.

Adventure Emu 5-star Amazon Review
Adventure Emu 5-star Amazon Review
Adventure Emu 5-star Amazon Review

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