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Magician Emu

Find your magic and dare to be different!
Magician Emu by R.C.Chizhov

"Upbeat art style...sunny tale with a convincing message to keep trying." - Kirkus Reviews

"Read aloud enlightenment with important lessons on positivity." - Midwest Book Review

"Adorable read with a message of self-esteem and accepting yourself. Beautiful illustrations that fit the storyline perfectly." - Readers Favorite

      "What a fun book for a child to read, as well as to read to a child, with lots of opportunities to explain and define content, educating a young mind. Love the colorful illustrations, bouncy flow of rhymes and sense of humor!" - Todd Charles, aka "Moogician".

The Moogician's review of Magician Emu by R.C.Chizhov

      "Simultaneously intelligent and wacky, Todd Charles' stage show draws on his background in stand-up and musical comedy, theatre, circus arts, and magic." - New York Daily News. Visit

Hardcover Edition

Magician Emu by R.C.Chizhov | Hardcover coming soon

Paperback Edition
8.5 x 0.08 x 11 inches

Magician Emu by R.C.Chizhov

      In old and charming Emu emu aspires to be the like the great magician, Spikey Spike. But her magic goes all “wrong” and nothing like Spikey’s! Will the emu find her magic and dare to be different?

      With colorful illustrations and playful rhymes, Magician Emu is an exciting tale of self-discovery and a celebration of being unique. It is the third in the picture book series, Emu Town Stories.

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     Great lesson: Be yourself! - T. Kelleher, USA

     I love this book for the pre-k through 2nd grade crowd! Teaching kids that it's better to genuinely be you than to try to be someone else is a great message. Rather than striving to achieve a goal.that may be unreachable,own who you are and others will still appreciate you and will recognize your talents.

     Perfect for kids! - Neha, USA

     Magician Emu teaches children that they don’t have to be just like everybody around them, which is something most books never mention. I am a 13 year old girl and this is the kind of book I would read to little kids because of the colorful illustrations and well written storyline. You won’t regret this purchase.

     Beautiful Artistry - Kristina Ryan, USA

     A fun story on the importance of being true to yourself! The illustrations are so detailed and beautifully done. They will surely appeal to young audiences of many ages. I love that the story uses an Emu, a very under appreciated and beautiful animal!

Magician Emu 5-star Amazon Review
Magician Emu 5-star Amazon Review
Magician Emu 5-star Amazon Review

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