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Nope-Nope Emu

A funny and endearing story about the power of persistence.
Nope-Nope Emu by R.C.Chizhov

"Sunny tale with a convincing message to keep trying. Chizhov straightforwardly drives home a message of succeeding through practice in repeated, rhyming phrases." - Kirkus Reviews

"Read aloud enlightenment...perfect choice to teach kids about perseverance." - Midwest Book Review

"We see examples of self-confidence and endurance...bright and colorful illustrations." - Readers Favorite

Hardcover Edition

Nope-Nope Emu by R.C.Chizhov | HardCover Coming Soon

Paperback Edition
8.5 x 0.08 x 11 inches

Nope-Nope Emu by R.C.Chizhov

     In old and charming Emu emu wins the emu-flap game every year. But when she loses her winning streak, she mopes around, saying "Nope!" to all games. Follow her journey as she finds inspiration to say "Yes" and win emu-flap again.

     With colorful illustrations and playful rhymes, Nope-Nope Emu proves that failure can be hard but getting back in there and trying again has its own rewards. It is the first in the picture book series, Emu Town Stories.

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     I loved this encouraging Book! - M. Marie Walker, USA

     This book was light, fun and encouraging to read. I loved how the author took us through the mindset of the little emu at the same time, teaching us about never giving up. The illustration was beautifully done, and the rhymes were so cute. I recommend this book to anyone, young or old, who deals with giving up easily. A great children's book!

     A Wonderful Message - Jessica Scachetti, USA

     I love the message. Keep going and don't give up. The illustrations was cute. My littles was abke to relate to emu's feeling and was happy when she saw the ending. Happy to have it in our collection.

     Very Cute for the Little Kiddies! - Diamond, USA

     Great lesson and fun illustrations. Very pleased that this is book 1 because I look forward for more to read aloud with my daughter!

Nope-Nope Emu Amazon 5-star review
Nope-Nope Emu Amazon 5-star review
Nope-Nope Emu Amazon 5-star review

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