I am Brave

Color your courage in this affirmations-based coloring book for kids.

Paperback Edition
8.27 x 0.1 x 11.69 inches

Large format (A4 size) with beautifully illustrated and detailed images.  
Engaging and mess-free activity for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners or school-aged children while building confidence and instilling courage to go beyond their comfort zone.  
Thoughtful gift for boys and girls, ages 4-8 and up for birthdays, holidays, arts and crafts themed events or party favors!


     Great confidence booster - Amazon Customer, USA

     This book is great. I belong to a group who sends cards to children with serious diseases and I include one of these pages in each of their cards.

     Great innovative unique coloring book - Deepthi, USA

     The theme of the story is about courage and a lion being used as a symbol for it. Dennis was afraid to sleep in his new bedroom and his mother told him that there was a lion by side to give him the strength to sleep through the night. And other examples of the inner lions in doctors, firefighters, nurses and people in the armed forces. Good story.

     What A Brave, Confident, And Clever Little Coloring Book... - Ronnell Beaty, USA

     Color your courage... What a brave, confident, and clever little coloring book. That not only illustrates examples of how to be brave, because you are brave. But actually, writes it out in positive, fun, educational, and affirmational words. Teaching kids to stand up for what they believe in. And to always be true, brave, and confident no matter what the occasion, or situation that they are in. Because they have a lion in their heart... So, thank you kindly author R.C. Chizhov for creating this magnificent powerful coloring book. A recommended coloring book for all kids. To your success author R.C. Chizhov... And to your success illustrator Anil Yap...

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