The Lion in your heart Book

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When a boy is scared to sleep alone, he learns a special secret to conquer his fear. Heartfelt storytelling paired with vibrant illustrations convey a valuable lesson for all children in this teacher and psychologist recommended picture book.

Dennis has moved to a new home and is frightened to sleep alone in his room. Mommy explains that there is a friendly and dependable lion in his heart, always there to protect him. Dennis is confused and curious:

  Where is the lion, if he can’t see it?

  Will the lion be with him always and everywhere?

  Does Mommy have a lion in her heart?


Dennis learns that there will always be times when we are frightened or nervous: at school or when we try something for the first time...or when we are orbiting to space! But the brave lion is inside all of our hearts, giving us the courage to conquer our fears.

The Lion in Your Heart



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      Beautiful drawings, a bedtime story with an important message for approaching life's changes, and a lesson in what courage really means, makes for a picture book story that appeals on many different levels; but especially to read-aloud parents seeking to prepare a child for a new situation.

"A winning tale about tapping into your inner strengths."



     Many kids have issues when it comes to bedtime. This book gives reassurance to the young reader, but it also extends beyond just going to sleep; that the lion is everywhere you go, that you just have to believe in yourself. Dennis is a great
main character that kids can relate to.      

"The illustrations are beautifully done and fit the storyline perfectly." 


     A lovely story of courage. This is a great picture book to read with young children, who will no doubt love the story and illustrations and may also want to talk about all the different times that their Lion is with them.

"A wholesome, charming picture book"



      Fears and anxieties can cause emotional distress in little minds, but learning to awaken their own lion can help them to feel strong and confident even in the face of something scary, like show and tell, or spiders. Bold fonts and simple prose will make this the perfect book for an emerging reader to tackle on their own.

"Amazing addition to classroom libraries, counseling offices and more."


    The Lion in your Heart has a strong message in simple language. The illustrations further help driving home the message. Book is based on the fundamental truth that courage is natural to us, fear is acquired. 

"Hope this goes a long way to build a generation of bravehearts."



     Beautifully written! Such a simple idea to encourage not just children but anyone really to face their fear, to draw strength from within. The illustrations are lovely and complement the content really well. I know this book will stay with me for a long time.

"Simple idea to encourage children."




        In her book, Chizhov skillfully sympathizes with children’s fears. Parents may need to supplement this thoughtful advice with additional practices, such as a bedtime routine, but the tale is a good place to start. Yap, an experienced picture-book illustrator, contributes digital images with whimsical storytelling details, such as superspy outfits for Dennis and his lion during a secret mission.

"A read-aloud bedtime tale that can help kids gain confidence in their own bravery."