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The nuts-and-bolts of writing and publishing
R.C.Chizhov at BookOne Sarasota

      Have you always dreamed of writing a children's book, but don't know where to start? Or, maybe you have written some stories but need help revising your manuscript, crafting the perfect query letter and pitch to get over the slush pile? Do you want to know the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing? Or perhaps you have a book ready and need help creating a marketing strategy.

      I get these questions often and decided to create a list of resources to help you reach your writing goals. In addition, you will find options for professional critiques and services below.


"Thank you for your editing assistance on my new children's book, "Amara On Safari". Your suggestions and copy-editing were a perfect finish to the story. I will definitely send my next book for review." ~ Suzanne Morreale

"I just started working with R.C. to edit my picture book stories. I have been extremely happy with the results so far. Her line edits are concise and easy to understand. Her suggestions and examples give me the options to strengthen the weak spots in my stories. I feel her critiques give me a sense of direction and I’m now more comfortable submitting a polished manuscript to agents and publishers."  ~ Lee Wekenmann

"As a confused first time author I reached out to R.C. for a critique. R.C. went above and beyond to educate me on the writing process. Her suggestions,from editing a few words to revising an entire section, brought life, flow, and readability to my children's book.  Strongly recommend." ~ Cindi Penor Ceglian

“You are a fantastic editor to work with. I’m thrilled with your ideas - they are right on target. You have that rare ability to revise and polish while still seeing my story through my eyes and my voice. Not only have you given me a better book, but you’ve helped me become a better writer. Thank You!” ~ Penelope Clark


Professional Picture Book Critique by R.C. Chizhov

Professional Picture Book Critique

Price: $100.00

Have you worked on a picture book manuscript and want a critique to get it submission-ready or self-publish? Then, let's make your story shine!

 ✔ 2-page editorial assessment analyzing character arc, plot, structure, title, theme, marketability, dialogue, tone, voice and language.

 ✔ Line edit suggesting alternative wording, correcting grammar and spellings, and sharing ideas on how and where to revise.


Fiction stories must be under 1000 words and submitted in a world document. For non-fiction picture books or revision critiques, please use the contact form for pricing.

Marketing Plan for Picture Books by R.C. Chizhov

Marketing Plan for Picture Books

Price: $400.00

Do you have a picture book ready for the world to read? Then let's launch with a bang!

 ✔ A comprehensive and customized marketing plan (15-20 pages) for your self-published picture book. Can be used for future books.

 ✔ Outlining strategies, tactics, social media, reviewers, bloggers, awards, librarians, bookstores, Amazon KDP promotions and more!

 ✔ 1-hour zoom call to go over marketing plan

 ✔ Cover Letter/ad copy blurb for reviewers

 ✔ Author bio

 ✔ Publication slip template

 ✔Access via email throughout the book launch process for questions and clarifications

Query Letter Critique by R.C. Chizhov

Query Letter Critique

Price: $40.00

Do you have a strong picture book and are ready to start querying agents and publishers? Or maybe you have been in the querying trenches and struggling to move forward. As an agented author, R.C. can help you with an enticing query letter, which can be your foot in the door with an agent or publisher! She will ensure your pitch is compelling, help you look for appropriate comps and edit your query letter for success!

30-Minute Mentoring Session by R.C. Chizhov

30-Minute Mentoring Session

Price: $50.00

Would you like to schedule a zoom with R.C. to ask all of your questions, specific to your projects and your situation? You can ask R.C. about your writing projects, the self-publishing process, how to market your books, submit to awards, querying agents, or any other book-related topic.


After purchasing your mentoring session, you'll be contacted via email to schedule the zoom call.

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