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R.C. Chizhov featured in Kidlio Magazine

Read R.C. Chizhov's interview in the Kidlio magazine where she talks about her inspiration for the recently released Emu Town Stories and more!

An excerpt from her interview is below:

Q: How did these stories and characters come to your mind?

My biggest inspiration is my son (and his friends). Some ideas come from my childhood. Others come from every-day life.

For example, I came across studies by Angela Duckworth, where she found that perseverance can be more important than IQ for measuring school success. This was an interesting and relevant finding, something that can shape children’s future success. I decided to base Nope-Nope Emu to celebrate the power of persistence. The title however came from a different source! My son and I often play a card game that has a “Nope” card to negate another player’s move. My son loves collecting these “Nope” cards and each time, he says “Nope, nope!”, laughing incessantly. I thought of weaving this into my concept of perseverance. How about an emu who says “Nope!”?

Q: Do you want to leave any message for your readers?

Be the awesome, fantabulous and magical beings you are…and have fun reading!


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