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R.C. Chizhov's Interview with Sarasota Moms

Sarasota Moms sat down with R.C. Chizhov, in anticipation of her two new book releases from her “Emu Town Stories” series, Adventure Emu and Nope-Nope Emu. Click on the picture below to read her interview.

An excerpt from her interview is here:

What are some of your hobbies?

Reading is my number one hobby. I make time to read every day (most often in the school car line pick up!). I read all kinds of books. A comic? Serious non-fiction? Murder mystery? Memoir? Middle-grade novel? Bring it on! My husband and I share our love for travel, tennis and hiking. We now include our son in these activities and enjoy them together as a family.

How do you juggle work and motherhood?

Sleep less! Just kidding.

Motherhood instantly changed my priorities, and I adjusted my work- life accordingly. For starters, I moved to a job that involved no travel. My hours were long, but I had honest communications with my manager so I could work around my son’s schedule. My corporate job was demanding, it was hard, but I never missed dinner and bedtime. I am also grateful that my husband has been my biggest support throughout this journey.

I believe in taking care of my mental and physical health. The biggest gift I can give my son is being happy and creating a stress-free environment at home. A happy mom is a happy child! I make life- choices and career decisions keeping this attitude in mind, however difficult or unconventional they may be.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from another mom?

Do less and listen more. Children grow best when they are allowed to be who they are, discover their uniqueness and realize their greatest potential.


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