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Magician Emu is now available!

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

I'm excited to announce the launch of the third picture book in the Emu Town Stories series: MAGICIAN EMU. Perfect read for Halloween, National Magic Week (this week) and the holidays, so grab your copy now!

Magician EMU by R.C. Chizhov

In old and charming Emu emu aspires to be like the great magician, Spikey Spike. But her magic goes all "wrong" and nothing like Spikey's!

Will the emu find her magic and dare to be different?

Magician EMU by R.C. Chizhov

With award-winning author, R.C. Chizhov's playful rhymes and Anastasia Yezhela's colorful illustrations, Magician Emu is a funny and heartwarming tale of embracing who you are!

Perfect for holiday gifting, read aloud, bedtime, classroom discussions and more.

Magician EMU by R.C. Chizhov

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